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Spray-Away specialise in patio and driveway cleaning

 using a flat surface cleaner combined with a high power pressure washer

 that can produce upto 4200psi. 

 The benefit of using this purpose built machinery

 is it will not damage the sub-soil or leave any unsightly stripes or marks.

We are able to clean any type of hard exterior surface including block paving, paving slabs, imprinted concrete, tarmac and wooden decking.


We also clean guttering, fascias and conservatories all from ground level.







Any hard surface cleaned

 we can also seal


Sealing your hard surfaces will strengthen the jointing sand

and will inhibit the growth of weeds & moss 

 It will also protect the colour and make the surface

more resistant to stains.





 Should be re-sealed every two years Spray-away can not only re-seal

 but also re-colour if needed.


              BLOCK PAVING

 Can be sealed with either of the following finishes, matt or silk. 

 Sealing your block paving will  bring out the colour of the blocks

           (this gives it the appearance of being wet).



 Any small imperfections can be restored and the tarmac

 re-sealed in either a black or red finish.


              WOODEN DECKING

 Can be sealed using an aray of different finishes.


We only use the best products and our suppliers are Smartseal & Resiblock.



Fascias & Guttering

guttering can be checked free of charge


for blockages by cctv witch the customer can veiw and

 decide what action they want to take


     Your fascias & guttering can be cleaned from ground level using

      a purpose built 7m adjustable lance, with this we are able to clean

without ladders at high pressure.







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